E2 Handmade Designs​​


Valentine's Day Gifts

♥​February 2017 ♥

Treat your special someone to one of our Valentine's Day specials! We have treasure pillows, plastic bag holders and cozy knits at $10 sale prices!
  1. Plastic Bag Holder
    Plastic Bag Holder
    Store all your plastic grocery bags in this cotton organizer. Holds more than 30 plastic bags!
  2. Treasure Pillows
    Treasure Pillows
    Great little pillows with pouch perfect for the tooth fairy or any special moment in life! Approximately 10"x 10"
  3. Hand Knits
    Hand Knits
    Soft and warm ear warmers.
  4. Custom Pillows
    Custom Pillows
    Our favorite team or special order fabric. Pillows for any occasion!